Samsung T5 vs T7: What’s The Difference?

Samsung T5 vs T7 What's The Difference
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The Samsung T5 vs T7 are two portable SSDs that offer fast data transfer speeds and sleek designs. There are both great options for portable storage, but which one is right for you? The T5 is smaller and lighter, making it more portable. It also has a lower price point. However, the T7 is faster and has a higher capacity. Follow this blog to find out the key difference between them.

Samsung T5 vsT7 Overview

Samsung T5 vsT7 Overview

What Is Samsung T5?

The Samsung T5 drive is an external solid-state drive (SSD) that is in high demand due to its small size and long-lasting design. The drive offers password security to make data transfer safe and threatening. The drive is surprising, lightweight, and made of steel, making it completely solid from the inside out. This strong aluminum shell can resist a 2-meter drop while still protecting the data. The Samsung T5 drive data is transmitted faster than many of the other Hard Disc Drives, with reading speeds of up to 540 MB/s.

What Is Samsung T7?

The Samsung T7 drive is a solid-state drive (SSD) that may be used externally. They are popular drives that outperform the Samsung T5 drive. Documents and information are easy to shift and save here, thanks to AES 256-bit encryption data. The Drive features a Dynamic Thermal Guard and EPCM innovation. T7 allows the Drive to control the temperature while also enabling it to withstand extreme temperatures. It is strong and doesn’t require much maintenance.

The device can endure a drop of up to two meters while keeping the data safe. Greater files and data can be stored and transmitted much more easily thanks to Samsung t7 SSDs’ higher read/write speeds than Samsung T5 SSDs. There is potential for reading rates of up to 1050 MB/s. The Drive is available in three colors: blues, whites, and red, with 500 GB to 2 TB of storage. Since 2003, the Samsung T7 drive has been referred to as the “World’s Number One Flash Capacity

Technical Data Comparison

Samsung T5 Samsung T7
Capacities 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Colors Blue, Black, Red, Rose Blue, Red, Grey
Dimensions 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm 85 x 57 x 8 mm
Weight 51 grams 58 grams
USB Spec USB Gen 3.1 USB Gen 3.2
USB Interface 10 Gbps
Read Speed 540 MB/s 1,050 MB/s
Write Speed 515 MB/s 1,000 MB/s
Security Samsung Portable SSD Software
Encryption AES 256
Fingerprint Authentication No
Warranty 3-year

Samsung T7 vs Samsung T5 SSD

Samsung T7 vs T5 SSD


Although customers usually prefer alluring blue and deep black, the Samsung T5 has several different colors. Besides these, you can also choose metallic red or rose gold. However, keep in mind that not all colors come with the same SSD storage capacities. So, when choosing a color, make sure to read the entire specification of the device. One thing is sure, both devices have beautiful colors, which is one reason why users appreciate them so much.


In addition to attractive colors, the Samsung T5 allows you to choose between different storage capacities. Available size options are 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. However, the Samsung T7’s minimum storage is 500GB. Other size versions are 1TB and 2TB.

So, the Samsung T5 might be a good option for those looking for a small-capacity SSD.

Dimensions & Weight

When it comes to external devices, manufacturers always tend to make them small and compact. This is exactly the case with the Samsung portable SSDs. Both devices are small and can fit into your pocket.

The T5 is 74 millimeters long, 57 millimeters wide, and 10 millimeters thick, while the dimensions of the T7 are 85 x 57 x 8 mm. So, the Samsung T7 is a bit longer but much thinner.

On the other hand, The Samsung T5 weighs 51 grams, while the Samsung T7 weighs 58 grams. So the T5 is slightly lighter when compared to the T7 version. Overall, almost 60 grams is a low weight for any external device. But the difference between Samsung T5 vs T7 is insignificant unless you are really picky. If that is the case, you can opt for the Samsung T5.


When selecting an SSD, performance should be one of the most important factors to be considered. The SSD with fast read and write speed can improve computer performance and improve user experience.

The sequential read speed of Samsung SSD T5 is up to 540 MB/s and the sequential write speed is up to 520 MB/s. While the sequential read speed of the Samsung T7 is 1050 MB/s, and the write speed is 1000 MB/s.

In short, in the aspect of performance, Samsung T7 is a little bit better than Samsung T5. Reading and writing speed is also affected by other factors, so Samsung T7 may be slower than Samsung T5 in actual use.


Both Samsung T5 and T7 offer a warranty of the same length – a 3-year limited warranty. It is important to emphasize that Samsung’s warranty doesn’t cover neglect, unauthorized repair or modification, or product misuse.


When choosing an SSD, the budget would also be taken into consideration. As for Samsung T5 vs T7, Samsung T7 is more expensive than Samsung T5. If you want to know the more different prices of different storage sizes, you can visit its official page site.

Which One Should You Choose?

Which One Should You Choose

Both devices are very similar, especially when it comes to design. But if we take a look under the hood, we notice a few differences. The Samsung T7 is definitely a significant improvement compared to the T5. It has faster transfer speeds and provides special color options for increased storage SSDs to its users. But If you prefer a small capacity and don’t need high performance, you can choose T5.

However, what these two models have in common is data protection through the Samsung Portable SSD software. We also have to praise Samsung for making an effort to make a modern design of these SSDs and painting them in attractive colors.


Is the Samsung T5 good for Mac?

As it’s exFat-formatted, the Samsung T5 works with Macs as soon as you plug it in. There’s also software on the drive. This simply lets you password-protect the entire drive’s contents, using 256-bit encryption.

Can a Samsung SSD be used for IPAD?

Any SSDs will work with iPads running, at least iPadOS 13 or later.

How fast SSD do I need for 4K video editing?

Editing 4K materials require a transfer speed of 400MB/s, so we recommend you use the SSD with a higher speed than 400MB/s. They have many SSDs that can reach 400MB/s speed and it’s enough to edit 4K videos.


As for Samsung T7 vs T5, this post has shown their differences in several aspects. Memoright hope you can easily know which SSD drive is better between them. And if you have any different ideas for Samsung T7 vs T5, you can take a look at other product comparisons here.

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