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MemoRight displays M.2 and TLC SSDs at Computex 2014 2014-06-12

MemoRight displays M.2 and TLC SSDs at Computex 2014

MemoRight is one of the first SSD manufacturers other than Samsung to display a new TLC SSD 

Computex 2014 - MemoRight had their new M.2 SSD on display in their suite at Computex. The NF8-830 features a Marvell 88SS9183 controller paired with either Toshiba 19nm or Micron 20nm MLC NAND.

Expect top speeds of 740 MB/s in sequential read and up to 550 MB/s in sequential write. Random reads weigh in at 100,000 IOPS and random writes top out at 85,000 IOPS. The three capacity points of 128, 256 and 512GB will feature 256, 512, and 768MB of DRAM cache, respectively.

MemoRight also displayed the Extreme PCIe SSD that features capacities up to 2TB. Sequential read weighs in at 2,500 MB/s and sequential write is 1,800 MB/s. 4k random read/write is 300,000 / 250,000 IOPS for the 2TB version.

The new XT3 is MemoRight's first consumer TLC-based SSD. Samsung still has an advantage in this category, and we are finally seeing new entrants into this space from other players.

Toshiba A19 19nm TLC and the Marvell 88SS9189 combine to power the newest MemoRight addition.

 Expect MemoRight's TLC offering to deliver competitive performance of 500/400 MB/ sequential read/write and 65,000 / 35,000 random read/write.

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