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Memoright launches XT3 series TLC SSD , Offering best performance balance in high-speed applications 2014-04-08

Memoright launches XT3 series TLC SSD

Offering best performance balance in high-speed applications

<Taipei – 19 Feb 2014 > With Memoright’s proprietary Advanced Endurance Write features and Super Cache firmware architecture, Memoright XT3 SSD (SATA 6Gbps) currently supports TLC NAND with latest 19nm process technology.
XT3 series SSD offers the best combination of reliability and performance, ideal for applications in personal computing, while driving the cost down with advanced TLC.
XT3 Series SSD is currently sampled in 2.5"/1.8” 7mm ultra-thin designs and mSATA form factor with options of 128, 256, and 512GB in capacity. The sequential read/write performance with incompressible data exceeds 500/450 MB/s. Advanced Trim command handling restores the performance of the SSD thus avoids the write performance cliff, which is commonly experienced after a SSD is used for a long period of time.
TLC flash memory has been widely used mostly in consumer applications such as digital audio players and USB drive, which do not require high performance and reliability. Though TLC will help driving the cost of SSD down, a firmware design that balances performance and product life while assures reliability is important to the market of client computing. This is where Super Cache, Advanced Trim and Advanced Endurance Write come to play.

About Memoright

Memoright is one of a leading SSD innovator dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners on developing world-class excellent performance, high reliability, and cost effectiveness SSD products.
The design of Memoright SSD is centered around corporate (enterprise and industrial/ military/vehicle) users, who need incredibly fast performance & unique, 100% data integrity. In addition to a standardized range of products, we also deliver customized services to meet our customers’ needs. To accommodate supporting our extensive product range and rapid increasing needs all over the world, we have set up R&D and support centers in the US, Europe, Wuhan and Taipei. We have also constructed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Wuhan with ISO: 9001 certified quality management system.

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